The il Panino Experience

Come and enjoy our delicious sandwiches, paninis, pastries and coffees in a warm and relaxed environment, as if you were in the comfort of your own home. You are always welcome, whether you are showing up with friends, as a family, for work, for lunch or for take-out.


Experience Our Unique Concept

We offer a menu that is prepared with fresh ingredients chosen for their quality, flavour and freshness. Whenever possible, we make it a priority to buy local. The il Panino concept allows you to create your meal according to your appetite, your tastes and your budget. The il Panino experience means enjoying quality snacks and meals, cooked on site and at low prices.

Some 40 panini and sandwich recipes have been designed by our team and we offer them in a rotation, according to availability and seasons. The salad bar includes a dozen choices every day. Why not accompany your panini with one or two salad options, or even make them your meal? Feel free to add a protein such as marinated chicken pieces, smoked salmon or our famous seasoned tuna. The concept reflects simplicity: the paninis and salads are ready to be eaten. All you have to do is choose what makes your mouth water. Plus, regardless of the panini and salads selected, the price remains the same.


Come visit us!